Two veterans of the St. Louis musical community have joined forces to bring high-level entertainment to the listening public.

Ribtip, aka, Jim McClaren and 

Mark Rogers 

Mark Rogers is a St. Louis born and raised native who has been playing drums and singing in a somewhat professional manner since 1968.  He started off in north St. Louis playing CYC's with The Shadows Soul Revue and continued as a founding member of Street Corner Symphony, The Walnut Park A.C.'s and over 10 years in The Heaters. Still plays the same drum set he purchased in 1967 because he loves their sound and he is cheap. He does own a microphone from this century, so there is that. Catch him with Jim and you might say to yourself, "Oh, that guy."

You can take a listen to their videos made during Covid lockdown at:

Some places they’ve played: Aeries Winery, Bella Vista Winery, The Stagger Inn Again, Blumenhof Winery, Corner Keg Pub, Crown Valley Brewery, Ferguson Farmer's Market, Global Brew Tap House, Hermann 1837 Cellar Bar, Kirkwood Farmer's Market, Mount Pleasant Winery, Parkside Grill, Snibos, Sister Cities Cajun, The Boathouse, The Great Grizzly, Triple 3 Vineyard, Hidden Lake Winery, Wild Sun Winery, McKelvey Winery.