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"Then, Again: A Harp Life"

"Baker-McClaren Band, Live at the Tap Room"

"About Unity"

Solo Available

 Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica and Techno-harmonies


Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Drums, Harmonies



                           Solo Jim McClaren


Jim's ability to play guitar and harmonica at the same time is truly amazing. Check out the bluegrass style of "Midnight Special" on the music page.

Some places Jim has played solo in the St. Louis area:   BB's Jazz Blues & Soups, The Iron Barley, Orchard Terrace, Venice Café, Blumenhof Winery, Lakeview Park, Schlafly Bottleworks, Broadway Oyster Bar, Evangeline's Bistro and Music House, Chandler Hill Winery, Taytros Bistro, Creve Coeur Lakehouse, Sugar Creek Winery